7 Tactics That Will Help Your App Reach New Users

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Mobile app user acquisition is an important part of managing a mobile application. Because of the simple reason that users are the reason for the growth and maximize revenue from the application. Therefore, your focus should be on attracting the right user base who sticks around to your application.

With billions of applications available on the Play store and App store, having only the best app can not be enough. This is where app promotion comes into play. Promoting your app with these tactics will make your app compatible and fierce, considering the cut-throat competition in the mobile app industry. Taking into account these proven strategies to make your app seen in the crowd, you can grow your user base.

Keywords are important

There are keyword sections that you can fill out in the app store. You need to think about the words that the customer would write in the search tab to find the application. At the same time, it becomes important to check some particular rules and guidelines for the app store.

Apple has suggested selecting keywords thoughtfully and avoiding using special characters until and unless they are a part of the brand identity.

Earn Positive Ratings

The value and number of your reviews can greatly influence the app’s position search results. App store tends to suggest apps that would be preferred by the user. As reviews significantly influence buyer decisions.

Furthermore, you can check out a few tips on improving the app ratings. Good app ratings are always important in one way or the other.

Impressive Icon

An app icon represents a small image to visualize the application. An interesting, good-looking icon greatly influences the number of clicks on the application.

In most cases, the icon influences the number of users who click on the application. Once you have installed the application, the icon appears on the phone menu so that the user can be reminded about opening the app.

The icon must be able to show the purpose of the application. You can pay attention to the app store’s requirements for designing the icon. The icon must be appealing, simple, and have a single focal point.

Referral programs or rewards

Word-of-mouth marketing is another way to promote your brand, considering the involvement of the trust factor. People trust recommendations from their knowns. Word-of-mouth marketing can leverage this through rewards and referrals.

Create a referral program during the app development process so that you can reward the users who refer your app to their knowns. This way, it’s a win-win situation for you, your app, and the users.

Videos and Screenshots

Just like an icon and other designs, you can include videos and screenshots of your app that can influence the number of downloads. They can help the users to feel what will be the experience will be like on the application.

For instance, many applications have created appealing app videos that have shown potential users the look and feel of the application. This way, you can include videos and screenshots to show the app’s functions and value to the users.

SEO website optimization

Another important factor here is building a nice and engaging landing or website page for your application. People often browse on the internet to find information and solutions to their queries. You can gain a number of users being present within the search results. Furthermore, you need to position the app in front of a high-intent audience, that is, users who are already looking for solutions that your app offers.

When you are building a website, other than its primary function, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) also plays an important role in making your website capable of attracting new users. SEO makes it possible for your website to be listed on the search engine’s first page. This is why high rank on google is important. This is where SEO would be highly important, you can use it to power up your SEO by curating exclusive content for landing pages, articles and blogs with important keywords.

Email marketing

Sometimes app developers might not value the power of email marketing, but in reality, it can increase the number of app installs. But this is a channel from where you can reach a lot of the target users. Most of the emails are opened on mobile devices, through which you can use Smart Links to redirect users to the app stores.

Emails that have links promote a seamless channel of user acquisition and can set the perfect impression for your brand. Before setting up the email campaign, it will be helpful for you to create a list of genuine email addresses, this can be done with email finder tools. For instance, a grocery delivery service can promote the application through emails that can introduce the mobile version with direct links to the app stores.

Use social media

By promoting your app yourself, you can get one step closer to the success of your application. Your consumer base can make endless discoveries while exploring your application and that way, your application will be getting promoted in the market.

Furthermore, you can include in-app content and allow the users to share their screens and that way, you can broaden your application’s visibility and build a platform by which the user express themselves.

Respond to all the reviews

Your customers are taking time to write out a review for you, and just like that, you must invest your time in reverting back to the users.

This will further rank you up and improve the image of the brand. Whatever the customer says on the reviews, assure them you will be resolving the issue and working towards improving their experience. Try responding to all the reviews, whether they are positive or negative.


Promoting your mobile application does not necessarily require you to spend a huge amount of money. Smartphone applications that rely on mobile app promotion strategies do not really prosper in long term. At a point, organic downloads are the only way to get the desired results. The above-mentioned ways are some of the most effective ways to promote mobile applications. Therefore, if you feel uncertain about where to start when it is about getting users and achieving growth.

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