5 Best Couchtuner Alternatives in 2023

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Yes, everyone likes to work all day and have fun after work. For the same reason, many viewers subscribe to content such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. But note that there is something different in this list. They are little known, but they positively affect you a lot. Couchtuner, in particular, is a common choice.

In Couchtuner, you can display content such as HBO, CW, Warner Bros., CNN, Otter Media, etc. It should also get noted that the service is free. It’s free so that you can block access to specific search engines. Do not worry! It’s my help. We recommend the five most appropriate options. They are always like Couchtuner.

Couchtuner Alternatives 2023

1. Solarmovie

It is an extensive collection of entertainment. The UI of this website is somewhat complicated to the typical user. You can search by genre, country, famous IMDB, and TV series listed at the top of the movie window. The request function allows you to request programs that you want to take advantage of it. It is entirely free, and the site does not require any personal information.

At the bottom of the interface, you will find different categories of movies and shows such as anime, science fiction, horror, thriller, romance, and drama. When you enter, this simple and effective entertainment site will seduce you. Note that Solarmovie does not store files on the server. Unrelated third parties provide favorite content. Your free time is, therefore, useful.

2. New episode (.co)

This site had done justice with its very name. After the TV series opens, you can find the same program on the website. This site publishes high-quality video links. Also, each series get easily displayed on the site. As a result, users can find their references easily visible. It is important to understand what you can search alphabetically.

You can request a season or plot it on the site. The active forum menu is getting located at the top of the website interface. I think everyone wants to be part of the community. Community members are all over the world.

Clicking on the Movies tab takes you to another website, including a list of exciting movies. So if you use the New Episodes platform, you will get two coins. If you join the “New Episode” forum, we recommend that you introduce yourself. If you would like to watch the episode, please click on the link below.

3. PutLocker (.vip)

PutLocker is an online Film and TV streaming website. There are also many mirrors on the website so that you can choose your favorite mirror. In other words, users cannot miss any of the content available in the video. To point out that the site offers a large number of films and free performances.

In addition to Hollywood blockbusters, the site also offers television program spaces in other countries. It includes some of the top-rated TV shows in Korea, Thailand, China, and other countries. Once the TV show has aired, you can find it on PutLocker. Run the PutLocker mirror function. Find and watch new movies and the latest TV shows From PutLocker. Follow the link to see the content.

4. Moviewatcher(.is)

Moviewatcher is a Cost-free online film Streaming website. It is a streaming website where you can watch this content freely. Registration is not required. The user-friendly interface can also be fun. Anyone can easily find what they want. The content of this site got found under the playlist of most movies and recently added movies and TV shows. That means you can always find your favorite videos. Hover over the poster to see all of the content information.

You can also find different types of movies. The website is updated so that you get the best experience. Even on this site, you can download movies to watch when users are interested. Click on the link below to view our extensive collection.

5. AZ Movies (.to)

It may be my last choice instead of Couchtuner. The user may think it is getting paid, but it is free. You can find many movies and shows on the user interface. It is entirely cost-free. And the UI of the Website is unbelievable. It’s hard to go back after entering the platform and before seeing the content. Do not forget that this site is managed by a beautiful love team that brings to the world the love of film.

At the top of the interface, you will find different categories of movies. The most important thing is that the user can find them all in high-quality HD. Too many servers are hosting the video So it’s easy for you and you can’t miss what. If you want to watch your favorite movies without restrictions, you can enjoy them by clicking on the link below.


Yes, I know that Couchtuner is one of the best sites offering free streaming content online. But I think it’s better to explore similar functionality than stick to it. If a search engine blocks Couchtuner, please visit one of the five websites above. And I’m sure you don’t mind my choice. It always helps to find your inner satisfaction. You can use any of them to spend your time at work or after school for fun. But readers are encouraged to change sites.

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