64+ Dofollow Press Release Submission Sites List 2023 [High DA]

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Press releases are the most important instrument to let the word out about the developments, new launches, and important news about a brand or a company. There was a time when only newspapers used to run press releases but nowadays a lot of online portals are publishing press releases to inform their readers about upcoming events, launches, and other important news.

There are websites that publish news releases in different categories and news agencies pick them to update their websites citing the websites on the High DA Press Release Submission Sites List as the source.

How to get started with press release submission sites?

First of all, you need to understand that the format of the press releases is different from the general articles and blog posts you publish for off-page SEO.

You need to consider the fact that these websites on the Top Press Release Submission Sites List are often considered as a source of new information for a lot of news agencies as well so your language, grammar and readability should be perfectly drafted.

  • First of all select the websites you want to keep in the list of press release submission sites that suit your field of interest.
  • Create a profile on the website and provide a valid email ID for verification.
  • Once verified you can submit a well-crafted press release on the website. Make sure to use a keyword-rich write-up that has ample information and anchor links to your website as well.
  • The press releases that are submitted on these websites often take a little time to get approved. Some websites check them for grammatical errors and remove any spam content from the submitted press releases. If you keep a check on the content on your end the process of getting the press release approved will be quicker.

Press Release Submission Sites List 2023

Benefits of press release submission sites

  • Dofollow links: Most of the press release websites on the Dofollow Press Release Submission Sites List and the news agencies that use these press releases have online versions of their entities thus you can get high-quality dofollow links from these websites through the press releases. These links help you in gaining better search engine ranking in the long run.
  • Traffic: Though these websites are not the best source of traffic they do attract a fair amount of organic traffic for your website.
  • Search engine indexing: A keyword-rich press release with anchor links help in getting your website and deep links indexed on search engines quickly and effectively.
  • Brand presence: Press releases help in improving brand presence over the internet and build trust among the existing and potential customers.

There are a lot of benefits of issuing regular press releases to inform the existing and potential customers about the updates happening at your business.

The press releases published on websites on the Best Press Release Submission Sites List also provide good quality backlinks and traffic to your website as well. With these submissions, you can expect your search engine ranking to get better with time.

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