Top 7 Reasons to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting

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What is managed WordPress hosting?

Concisely, it is a WordPress specific hosting that enumerates a number of advantageous features that makes it trouble-free, easy to manage, secure and it accelerates your WordPress site as well.

Managed WordPress hosting is a plan, where once you purchase space on a server, your provider takes the responsibility for supporting and maintaining your site’s performance and takes care of various key tasks, like updating the site, scanning your site for security threats, configuring your server, etc.

Top reasons to choose managed WordPress Hosting

1) Support from WordPress experts

One of the best features of the managed WordPress hosting is that they provide excellent technical support. You can truly trust their support as they don’t just have a quite a good understanding of it but also they are experts in it.

The technical support team is quite experienced, they can help you with a wide variety of WordPress questions and provide reputable recommendations as well.

A nicely managed WordPress hosting includes everything from regular updates, server optimization to on-demand support when you face any issues.

In particular, WP Engine offers impressive technical support. It is one of the best managed WordPress hosting that basically takes care of everything to ensure that your website remains online and functional 24/7.

If you are running a business, you will have a great advantage having a managed hosting provider as they prioritize their customers and provide services like 24/7 chat, community forums or in-app ticketing.

So if you are not quite efficient in handling technical issues, no need to worry, a managed WordPress hosting would be of great help in this aspect.

2) High performance

One of the reasons to choose managed WordPress hosting is because of its high performance and speed.

While on the one hand with other shared host you will have to spend much time to install software and optimising it to obtain a desired speed, but on the other hand, managed WordPress hosting is specifically optimised for speed and performance and their server configuration are finely tuned to work with WordPress in mind.

They also provide performance enhancements like a CDN, server locations all around the world, best available architecture and technology- together with the latest versions of PHP and HTTP.

One of the benefits of managed WordPress hosting is that you can enjoy these powerful features With a super simple set up.

3) High security

Today, when everything is going digital, web-security is something that is of utmost importance and shouldn’t be compromised at all.

Cyber crime has increased tremendously in recent years, as a result, have caused a negative impact on businesses and cost enormous sums of money. These losses take place as a result of hacking that sometimes gets beyond control, no matter how cautious you were.

Along with this, another issue with shared hosting is ‘cross-site contamination’. Conversely, Managed WordPress hosting have powerful, built-in security features that helps to prevent hacking and malware attacks.

Apart from this, they usually have WordPress-specific security features, automatic backups and one-click restore points to prevent any loss of data from your system. They normally provide expert support in the case of any malware attacks. This is a great advantage of using a Managed WordPress hosting as they provide you with the best security strategy, implement preventative measures, keep a watch on your website for any suspicious activity and also have a plan to restore your data, have backups, if anything happens. You just need to take a load off your shoulder and concentrate on your business as your site is being taken care of.

4) Easy to use

Managed WordPress hosting makes running your site in a much trouble free and simple way.

If you are a beginner and don’t know much about the technicalities, then setting up a site in an unmanaged hosting environment can be a little tricky and troublesome. But, on the other hand, if you are using managed WordPress hosting, half of your work is done. You don’t need to worry about the migration process all by yourself, having said that, with this you won’t get confused due to the pressure of controlling and managing everything by yourself, rather you can leave this to experts who are quite efficient in it and do it all day long.

Besides, you can also run several websites on one custom-made dashboard with no worries about how it works. All the technical changes like updates, backups etc, will be handled by the host and you just need to worry about how to make your site successful by focusing on your work.

5) Scalability

Scalability is quite necessary in scenarios when your website is flooded with customers or activities, especially if you sell products, think of events like Christmas, black friday, end of the season sale or any festivities.. Well, it may be good for your business but this will most likely increase traffic on your website, which in turn could crash your site.

You may not be well prepared to handle this kind of situation or may not have the technical know-how to manage such situations, but this could lead to a stressful event and rebooting your website could take much time and this will hamper your business. However, if you have a managed hosting, it has the required abilities to automatically scale your website through dedicated servers, hence, there would be efficient response to any surges and your site would be running smoothly.

6) Value for money

It is a good idea to use managed WordPress hosting which is a way more value for money than using a shared hosting and buy all the add-ons individually.

Seeing that, managed hosting usually comes with an impressive range of advanced features from hosting and security integration to technical support and optimization. There could be some add-ons that you would have to buy but that’s just a few in numbers. However, if you purchase a basic unmanaged hosting, you will have to pay for each service separately.

7) Additional services

Once you have used managed WordPress hosting, you wouldn’t have to continuously supervise your website. It performs most of the functions by itself, such as, regular backups, updating WordPress site, caching, protecting from cyber attacks, handling bugs, dealing with website crashes and other tasks.

Another important feature is most of the managed WordPress hosting includes some sort of staging area. Sometimes, inexperienced web developers when edits, such as, creating a new logo design with the help of logo maker, changing the fonts, color or design of texts etc, they do it on the live version of their website and this can cause a huge problems, as sometimes it interrupt some features and stop them from working properly. But, if you use a staging environment, you won’t have the risk of having bad edits to your live sites of your website design, rather, you can check and edit a copy of your website design, finalize it and then can send them live.


Over millions of people tend to choose managed WordPress hosting to power their websites and blogs. Be it a professional or a beginner, everybody is benefited for using a managed hosting as these plans are Intuitive, secured and easy to use.

So what are you waiting for? Get a managed WordPress hosting plan and charge up your website and have 24*7 support from the most efficient and reliable team and leave your worries behind.

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